ORIGANI Toning Cleanser and Manuka Honey Peel

Hello beautiful ladies,

It was a difficult choice as to what to choose for my first review – my mind was thinking a good product; not too expensive; one everyone uses blah blah blah. Stupid mind – why would anyone want a review on something they already use? So, I decided on a little known Australian brand that is quite pricey but I’m very impressed with.

• ORIGANI Daily Glow Toning Cleanser  

•RRP – $99.99 💰💰💰💰💰

• This is the most expensive cleanser I’ve ever bought and I was hesitant, however, after having it trialled on my hand, I thought I’d give it a go. I use it twice a week when I do my mid week mini Facial and on Sundays when I do my pampering facial. I just couldn’t afford to use it twice daily.

It comes out in a gel-like texture that almost ‘melts’ into my face as I’m massaging it in. When I say ‘melt’, you’d think that’s not a good thing, how does that lift the dirt and makeup off? I don’t know how but after I’ve rinsed my face, it’s squeaky clean. (I always cleanse twice for a facial.) But when I say squeaky clean, do you think, oh but then my skin is too dry? I don’t know how but my skin isn’t dry at all – it’s soft, clean and refreshed.

So, is it really worth the money? In a word, yes. I’ve been using it for about 3 months and my skin is improving with less blemishes, and a generally smoother look. I notice the difference immediately after using this so I know it’s helping.

• Repurchase? – Yes….but I’ll be saving.

• ORIGANI Manuka Honey Peel

• RRP – $160 💸

• This is one of my most extravagant purchases ever. I use this twice a week as well when I do my mini facial and my pampering facial.

I’ll be honest though, if I had to pick 5 skincare products to use for the rest of my life, this would be one of them. It’s that good.

Again, it has a gel-like consistency and comes with its own spatula to dispense product (and stop bacteria spreading from hand dipping – my pet hate). Your skin needs to be damp but not wet (a mistake I made and wasted product) for it to work.

So, you pat the product on your five main facial points (cheeks, forehead, nose and chin) then massage it in circular motions. As you’re massaging, dead skin and dirt are lifting away and forming little balls similar to using an eraser on paper. You then let it ‘melt’ into your skin for a minute and rinse.

There are no exfoliating granules at all but your face will feel exfoliated and fresher than ever. I don’t often ‘like’ my skin – it’s always been a battle ground but I love how it looks after using this. It looks smoother and my pores aren’t as pronounced and it feels soft but not dry.

The only fault I find in this product is that for the price, there’s not a lot of product and I’ll be purchasing it probably twice more before the cleanser will need repurchasing.

Repurchase? – Yes….saving now.

Overall, if you can only afford one, get the Manuka Honey Peel – it’s worth the money (unfortunately for my wallet.) I bought mine from a permanent stall in the middle of the shopping centre and was able to get a good discount which isn’t available if you go online. I’ll be trying the same thing when I need to repurchase.

Until next time,

Nyobie 😘

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