Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette – First Impressions and Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies,

I finally caved and bought this palette. I always knew I would because I’ve got a soft spot for Tarte and I just had to complete my Tartelette collection. Maybe it was released a bit too late after the extreme hype surrounding Urban Decay’s Heat palette but I didn’t think there was a lot of hype with this one.

So here we go, with swatches, comparisons and my first impressions.


Tartelette Toasted Palette


First Impressions

Okay, I didn’t really need this palette – in fact I could probably find all the shades in other palettes if I was truly honest. But…..as I said earlier, I have a soft spot for Tarte’s palettes and it needed a place in my Tartelette collection.

There was so many warm tones released last year from Colourpop’s Yes, Please to Urban Decay’s Heat to Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk that I think a lot of people were over warm tones by the time this one was released. I just didn’t see this as much as the above mentioned palettes.

Looking at all four palettes together though, it probably is the most neutral of them. There’s just enough mattes and shimmers to take this palette from day to night while never really creating anything too colourful. There’s no pop of colour in this palette like Desert Dusk and Yes, Please.


Box packaging and inside the palette



Toasted comes in the same sturdy packaging as both the Tartelette and Tartelette In Bloom with a large mirror on the inside. The outside design is supposed to look like flames which I can kind of see but its a stretch. Tarte never disappoint with their packaging and this palette is no different.


A close up of the shades and names



Please note all swatches are one swipe with my finger and the photo is in natural light.


From top to bottom:


A matte warm light beige. A little powdery in the pan.


A beige with gold undertones that looked like a sheen to me – halfway between shimmer and matte.


A light warm golden copper metallic shimmer that swatched beautifully.


A matte warm dark brown that has gold flecks through it. I can see this one is going to be a pain to use from the swatch. The flecks just sat on top and didn’t really look like they were going to stay there so I’d say there’s fallout.

facetune_16-02-2018-10-05-46From top to bottom:


A matte light medium peach. A little powdery in the pan.


A matte medium orange with warm undertones. Very pigmented and not as powdery as the other mattes.


A warm medium red copper metallic shimmer that was very pigmentated.


A matte medium dark brown with red undertones. It swatched patchy but I’m hoping it blends beautifully on my eyes much like the Heat palette did.


From top to bottom:


A light gold with yellow undertones in a shimmer. It is another troubling consistency in that its very loose in the pan, and chunky. I’d say this will need a wet brush or adhesive to stay on without fallout.


A matte medium warm brown. A bit of fallout in the pan from this one too.


A medium warm golden copper metallic shimmer. This one is only slightly darker than Sunset and is very pigmented.


A matte dark brown with warm undertones that swatched quite patchy. Again, I hope it isn’t patchy on my eyes.


I thought I’d take some photos side by side with other palettes in my collection so you can compare and decide for yourself if you need it.


Left: Urban Decay’s Heat; Right: Tarte’s Tartelette Toasted


These two do look very similar but the Heat palette is definitely warmer. I’d probably skip this if you already have the Heat unless you’re like me and need it for your collection.


Top: Toasted; Bottom left: In Bloom; Bottom Right: Tartelette

As you can see, Tartelette is more of a cool toned palette, with In Bloom leaning into the warmer tones, while Toasted is amped up warmth.


Top: UD’s Heat; Middle left: Toasted; Middle right: Colourpop’s Yes, Please; Bottom: Huda Beauty’s Desert Dusk

These were the palettes I mentioned earlier that had received so much hype last year. You can compare them for yourself. I have also swatched them all so you can check those out from my home page.

What do you think of this palette? 

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Until next time,

Nyobie xx




15 thoughts on “Tarte Tartelette Toasted Palette – First Impressions and Swatches

  1. Thanks for this in-depth review. I already had the Naked Heat when the Toasted was launched so As much as I was tempted to get a first item from Tarte (have to order from their US website, so I have not yet placed one)…I was reasonable. It is way too close to the Naked Heat for me to splurge on it 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree after seeing the two side by side, it’s probably not a necessity. I’m going to do a full review on it and do comparison swatches as well. That way, if anyone is tossing up between the two, they can make their own mind up.

      I have ordered through their website before when they’ve had a sale on I couldn’t pass up. The shipping was reasonably fast and packaged well with a little note inside like Colourpop does.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Loved your review and comparison with all the other palettes. Last December I had plans to get this palette, but got the Heat instead. This one is still in my list for maybe next time, reason being the same soft corner for Tarte hehehe. I don’t own all their palettes though. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m going to do a swatch comparison with the Heat palette just because they are expensive palettes and from the photos, very similar. I have a lot of Tarte palettes but I couldn’t keep up with them all. I do love the size of the Tartelette palettes and how sturdy they are for travelling. Thank you for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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