SUKIN Detoxifying Clay Masque VS SWISSE Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask

Hello beautiful ladies,

I’m going to review two very similar products from two brands that claim to be natural skincare. They both retail for similar prices and claim to detoxify your skin. So, which one do you buy? Read on, to find out my verdict 👍.

• SWISSE Manuka Honey Detoxifying Facial Mask

• RRP – $17.99 💰💰

• There has been so much hype about this mask, and so, I had to try it out. It does exactly what it says – purifies, detoxes, smoothes and hydrates. It is great for blemished skin (I have blackheads and milia in the T-zone) because you can actually see where the blackheads are on my nose and cheeks as it’s drying. When I first started using it, there seemed to be a lot, however, now there seems to be less or at least less visible. 

The mask is a dark grey and slightly runnier in consistency than a clay mask that dries to a light grey. It’s as it’s drying that you notice your pores. I do a mid week facial on a Wednesday (or Thursday) morning so I’ll put this on after I’ve cleansed and exfoliated over the sink, then get school lunches ready or wash up before I have a shower to wash it off. 

Swisse was originally formed in 1969 in Melbourne by Kevin Ring as a vitamin and supplement company. In the past few years, they have branched out into skincare and I must say, I’ve used and liked quite a bit of it. Up until 2015, it was an Australian company but 83% was sold to Hong Kong company, Biostime. In the next few years, SWISSE will be released in over 30 countries (its already in New Zealand, Singapore and the U.K.) With such a huge financial budget, expect a lot of research to go into their skincare.

• Repurchase? – Yes

• SUKIN Detoxifying Clay Masque

•RRP – $15.99 💰💰

• I have been using Sukin for several years on and off and I do like their products, but I don’t love their products. It’s affordable, it’s cruelty free and paraben free. 

I’ve nearly finished this jar of the Detoxifying Clay Masque and I’ve been impressed by it. I always feel like I ‘glow’ with this mask. It draws out the impurities like it claims but I don’t feel it locks in moisture. However, like any clay mask, you should take it off before it completely dries to avoid losing moisture.  The mask is a light grey with a clay texture and dries almost clear depending on how thick it is. I use it in a similar routine as the SWISSE mask – in the morning for my mid week. 

Sukin was formed in 2007 by siblings, Simon O’Connor and Alison Goodger with an intention to create natural and affordable skincare, bodycare and haircare. It was acquired by Australian company BWX Limited in 2015, with the siblings still at the helm. Sukin is currently exported to Canada, U.K., USA, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. It has become one of the fastest growing companies in the skincare sector so expect it to expand further. 

Repurchase? – Maybe, if it’s on special.

• Comparison 

I feel I get the better results from the SWISSE mask and it has made more of an impact with the improvement of my skin so it comes out on top this time. 

Until next time,

Nyobie 😘

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