A Bit About My Blog

Hi beautiful ladies,
I’m an absolute shocking product junkie, and a sucker for anything new, on special or raved about. I’m the first to admit I spend waaayyy too much on this addiction. So….what better way to justify my addiction than to either help someone else make their mind up to buy a product or change their mind about a product?

There are so many choices regarding skincare, makeup and bodycare that sometimes it is difficult to choose what to buy and how it will benefit you. I’ve encountered this so many times and I end up buying it all. If I can help just one person decide on a product, I will be happy that I’ve achieved what I set out to do 😀.

I will be reviewing different products along the lines of beauty, sometimes alone and sometimes as a range (with two or more from the same range), and sometimes comparing similar items.

I have a huge range of products (and it’s expanding 😝) from all price ranges. I will include a RRP plus a rating :

💰 up to $10

💰💰 $11 to $25

💰💰💰 $26 to $50

💰💰💰💰 $51 to $75

💰💰💰💰💰 $76 to $100

💸 over $100

This will make it easier to decide whether a product is in your budget or whether you’re willing to spend that much. Any comments (unless it’s rude or inappropriate) are welcome.

* All products are my own and bought by me. The reviews are unbiased and my opinion only. I will explain why I’ve given a product each review, whether good or bad.

Until next time,

Nyobie 😘


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