Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – April (and swatches of Jeffree Star Androgyny)

Hello beautiful ladies,

I only just posted my March rewards (read about it here), but thanks to the ultra fast delivery of Beautylish, my April rewards are here already, after ordering them on the 1st (I received them on the 5th). I am always impressed how fast my order is processed, thoughtfully wrapped and delivered from Beautylish so if you are thinking of ordering from them, I 100% recommend their service. I’ve decided to add swatches to this post as well rather than in another post next week (I have too many planned posts).img_6155

April wasn’t the best month for me with quite a bit of family commitments, going away over Easter and uni assessments impacting on the amount of time I spent on completing my goals with 2 out of 4 goals completed. I am trying my best to make that 4 this month and I rolled the two I didn’t complete over to the month of May.

Goal No. 1 – not completed

Goal No. 2 – not completed

Goal No. 3 – completed 30/4/17 – Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette – $AUD60.66

Goal No. 4 – completed 30/4/17 – Jeffree Star Highlighter – $AUD39.09

As you can tell, 3 and 4 had to be completed together (1 and 2 had to be completed together as well).


I could’ve ordered these locally through Princess Polly because it worked out to be only about $8 dearer but I also ordered The Ordinary primers and Vitamin C suspension.img_6156


Jeffree Star x Manny Mua Skin Frost in Eclipse

This is a pale icy peach which doesn’t show up well on my skin in the swatch but it does look quite beautiful on. It has a golden tinge to it as well which suits my skin really well too.







Jeffree Star Androgyny Eyeshadow Palette

Top to bottom:

Frosting: gold shimmer

Safe Word: light taupe matte

Charm: burnt orange matte

Deja Vu: coppery bronze metallic

Dominatrix: warm chocolate brown matte

This top row of the palette is to die for. These are finger swatches done once. That copper bronze is a-may-zing.

img_6175Top to bottom:

Androgyny: dark purple matte

Fetish: warm red brown matte

Military: khaki matte

Poison: turquoise matte

Swallow: dark blue matte

These were all finger swatches done once, however, I’ve seen Military, Poison and Military come up a lot more pigmented in other swatches I’ve seen, however, I can live with the pigmentation of these three.

Overall, there are a couple of shades I probably won’t use much but its an awesome palette with a wide selection of colours. You can purchase both of these products through (Not affiliated).

Thank you for reading another rewards post so close to the March one.

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Until next time,



9 thoughts on “Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – April (and swatches of Jeffree Star Androgyny)

    1. Thank you for reading a second one in a week 🙄 I’m not sure how I feel about the highlighter yet, but that palette is beyond awesome – I wore three of the colours today and I’m so impressed 😍

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