June Empties 2018

Hello beautiful ladies, I've finally caught my breath after a very busy semester at uni and decided that in the next I'm going to try to have a few posts written so I can keep posting when the new semester starts. I want to thank everyone that continues to read my posts and support me. … Continue reading June Empties 2018

July Empties 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, I wrote in an earlier post that I was changing the days I post to Sunday's and Wednesday's because of my current Uni semester classes coinciding with Tuesday's and Friday's, however, after attending my first tutorial, I have realised that this semester is going to be quite intense with the study load … Continue reading July Empties 2017

June Empties 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, I didn't have a lot of empties this month which I'm a bit surprised about - I thought I would have more after not having a lot last month. I'm going to be hit with a big month of empties coming up no doubt. I have been trying to use up my … Continue reading June Empties 2017

November Empties 2016

Hello beautiful ladies, This month I was able to use up 6 of the products from my #17by2017 challenge which I was quite proud of. Read about that here. I also used some samples up which I can hoard a bit. THE BODY SHOP Coconut Shower Cream & Strawberry Shower Gel RRP - $10.95 each đŸ’°đŸ’° … Continue reading November Empties 2016

#17by2017 Challenge

Hello beautiful ladies, Today I don't have a review, although I will have another one shortly (its a product verses product one). Instead, today I'm going to tell you about a challenge I've decided to enter on Instagram. One of my lovely followers posted a challenge to empty 17 products by 2017 (yes, I know … Continue reading #17by2017 Challenge