Makeup Looks September 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, First of all, I want to share with you all that on the 8th of October 2016, I started my blog so I have had my blog my 1 year. I have learnt so much in that time from having no idea to what I was doing to discovering tips from other … Continue reading Makeup Looks September 2017


Makeup Looks July 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, I spent a busy month trying to create some different looks using the Pastel Goth palette and the Heat palette which I've included in the reviews for both of those so I won't include them here as well. I have been trying to use as many different palettes as possible so that … Continue reading Makeup Looks July 2017

Step by Step Sweet Peach Eye Look

Hello beautiful ladies, Today's post is my very first step by step eye look tutorial using the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette. First up, I am not a makeup artist, I am a beauty therapist which covers a range of beauty treatments including makeup but it is in no way the same level of training … Continue reading Step by Step Sweet Peach Eye Look

Makeup Looks Created with Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth and Review

Hello beautiful ladies, I wrote about my first impressions and swatched this palette in June (read about it here) if you missed that. Today, I'm going to show you a few looks using the colours in the palette that are at first, a bit daunting and then I'll give you my review. The colours I've chosen … Continue reading Makeup Looks Created with Kat Von D’s Pastel Goth and Review

Makeup Looks with Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette and Review

Hello beautiful ladies, This is going to be a two in one post - first up, I'm going to show you some of the makeup looks I've created with the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette and then I'll give you my detailed review so you might need a coffee and a seat. I have been … Continue reading Makeup Looks with Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette and Review

Makeup Looks June 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, Where is the time going? We are already at the half way mark of the year and it feels like it was Christmas last week. I spent a week of this month sick again so there was no makeup at all let alone trying to put some looks together. I have done … Continue reading Makeup Looks June 2017

Makeup Looks May 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, I have finally submitted all my assignments and can breathe again today after a few weeks of pressure. I thank you all for sticking with my irregular posts and promise to come up with a system of posts scheduled in advance with my 7 week break before going back to uni for … Continue reading Makeup Looks May 2017

Makeup Looks April 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, There wasn't a lot of looks to choose from this month to be honest because I was away for a week of it and the in the last week, even though I wore makeup, I had a Rudolph nose that I wasn't even attempting to photograph it so I have two for this … Continue reading Makeup Looks April 2017

Makeup Looks March 2017

Hello beautiful ladies, My first post after a two week break (due to a death in the family) is my makeup looks for March. I spent one week trying to use the White Chocolate Chip palette only which my favourite look from that will feature in the review. The one here is my runner up … Continue reading Makeup Looks March 2017

Makeup Looks February 2017 – Part 2

Hello beautiful ladies, I know I've already done a makeup looks post for this month but I think I jumped the gun. I had to do part 2 because I really liked these 2 looks I did and it was still February. In future, I will post this series at the end of the month with a maximum … Continue reading Makeup Looks February 2017 – Part 2