Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – May

Hello beautiful ladies, I have finished my first semester of university which was heavily factored into quite a few of my goals over the last few months, however, my biggest problem was actually not planning my posts enough and not having enough time to spend on them so, in my break, I'm going to try … Continue reading Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – May

Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – February

Hello beautiful ladies, Last year, I bought myself a goals journal from Kikki K so that I could keep myself focused on small achievable goals each month. I also wanted to stop impulse spending on every piece of makeup I saw so that I could save some more money this year. I knew this year … Continue reading Rewards for Achieving My Monthly Goals – February

Sephora US Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, For those of you that don't know, I live in Australia and I have had trouble with shipping here before (to read about my troubles with Too Faced, click here). Sephora US won't ship to Australia because we have our own Aus version. The problem is, our version doesn't stock new releases … Continue reading Sephora US Haul

Too Faced Sweet Peach Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you'll be well aware I've been dying to get my hands on this collection since it was released in the US last year (and I so heartbreakingly found that Too Faced don't ship to Australia). Last week, Tuesday the 31st of January, I … Continue reading Too Faced Sweet Peach Haul Haul No. 2

Hello beautiful ladies, If you read about my first Beautylish haul, you'd know how much I adore the packaging and the fast delivery of this online store. It is one of my favourite online stores to order from so this time, when I was looking to buy some Jeffree Star lippies, I was going through … Continue reading Haul No. 2

Christmas Presents

Hello beautiful ladies, I hope you have all had an excellent Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. We actually went away for Christmas and were only able to fit one present in each so ended up having our present opening when we returned. My fiancĂ© and I had agreed not to go overboard this year (as … Continue reading Christmas Presents

Kylie Cosmetics Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, I will admit that my first order to Kylie Cosmetics was small - a lip kit in Exposed (which I absolutely love), the bronze eyeshadow palette (which I use but its not in my top 5) and the black Kyliner kit (which I haven't used yet). So, I've been super impressed with … Continue reading Kylie Cosmetics Haul

Too Faced Mecca Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, Most of you were probably aware of the huge Black Friday sales on the 25th November with a lot of stores carrying on into Cyber Monday. Anyway, I was so excited to be a part of these sales with ABH and Tarte so when I found out that Too Faced had a … Continue reading Too Faced Mecca Haul

Korean Skincare Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, I've recently discovered Korean skincare (I know its taken me a while) after trialling Innisfree and decided to find stockists in Australia in case I loved it and wanted to buy more. There's nothing worse than trialling a product and you can't get it or its way out of your league price … Continue reading Korean Skincare Haul Haul

Hello beautiful ladies, I've decided to make a new category with my hauls and my first impressions and/or reasons behind buying an item. If there is ever a specific product you would like reviewed, please feel free to comment and I'll definitely post a review for you as there is no way I'd get around … Continue reading Haul