Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review

Hello beautiful ladies,

I’m one of those people who will always use a brow product to fill in my brows. If I’m honest, its the only product I can’t live without (mascara being a close second). I try to tint them once a week or so but I do find I can get busy and forget some weeks so when Maybelline brought out Tattoo Brow last year, I knew I needed to try that.

For months, it was constantly sold out until one day I walked into Priceline and not only was it available, it was half price (along with all Maybelline products). In my basket it goes, and now I’ve used it enough to review for you.


Maybelline Brow Tattoo in Medium Brown


Suitable for? – There is only 4 shades in this range at the moment – medium brown, dark brown, grey brown and light brown – so if you can match yourself up with one of those shades and would like to quickly and easily tint your brows for a few days, this is for you.

Packaging? – The product comes in a dark brown cylinder tube with a bronze gold screw on lid, similar to mascara packaging. The applicator is a dense brush that is pliable enough that it applies the product evenly and allows me to have plenty of product on it without being too much.


Applicator brush


Is Maybelline cruelty free? – No

My thoughts? – I try not to read too many reviews while testing products so I don’t have preconceived thoughts about that product, however, the few I did read were on opposite ends of the spectrum. Its obvious its a product you’ll either love or hate.

I tested the product in medium brown and I had no orange tint as it fades like some people have complained about. I’m not sure why it would fade to orange on some people and not others unless it has something to do with the undertones. I have found that it will fade quicker if you cleanse, tone and apply skincare to your eyebrows but I do prefer the look after the first cleanse because its not quite as ‘done’.

This product applied quickly and I was even able to shape them so that I didn’t tint the hairs that needed plucking. I leave it on for 20-30 minutes (it can be left on for up to 2 hours but I haven’t tried that time frame as 20-30 minutes produces the results I’m happy with) and go and do something else, then peel it off. Its quick, easy and isn’t messy.

The problem I have with this product though is that to keep my eyebrows looking like I’ve done them everyday, it has to be applied every other day. That isn’t a problem as far as time is concerned, but by applying it so often, the product only lasts about a month.

If I had paid full price, then that is an expensive product compared to buying eyebrow tint. So, for me to buy this again, without paying $25 a month, is to tint my eyebrows, fortnightly and use this as they fade on the second week. By doing it this way, the product has lasted me 3 months with another one or two applications left in the tube.

Please excuse the fact my eyebrows need waxing and shaping but you can get an idea of the transformation to my eyebrows.


Before application (no tint for over a month)


Product applied


Immediately after


Before and after comparison


Immediately after on both sides







  • Easy to apply
  • No mess
  • Quick, fuss free application
  • Works well to prolong an eyebrow tint


  • Expensive
  • Limited shade range
  • Doesn’t last 3 days

So, is it a necessity? – If you can go without using an eyebrow product in your daily routine, then its not a necessity. However, if you can’t go without an eyebrow product and tint your eyebrows, then you’ll probably love this if you can colour match it to your brows.

Have you tried this product? What were your thoughts on it?

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Nyobie xx




6 thoughts on “Maybelline Tattoo Brow Review

    1. Thank you and yes, it worked for me. I would recommend trying to get it at 50% off at Priceline or Chemist Warehouse just in case you don’t like your eyebrows filled in. Thank you for reading 😊


  1. Thankyou for this revieuw, a friend of me have this one, but i think she don’t use it how its supposed to be. Now i read this revieuw i do get how to use it in a good way, thank you for that!

    Love xx senne
    Insta: @sennewelsch_

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It wasn’t as clear on the instructions for this item as it should be. I ended up looking on the maybelline website for more information. I hope your friend can find a way to make it work for her.


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