My Disappointing Products of 2017

Hello beautiful ladies,

Having time off writing at the end of the year means I’m slow with all the really interesting posts like this one. I love reading about disappointing products and why they were disappointing so that I can keep that in mind if it would affect me (like a similar skin tone) or whether it doesn’t apply to me (oily skin) at all so I may actually like that product.

Please keep in mind that what works for you may not work for me and vice versa.



Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Gossip Gurl – $35 and Lip Contour in Gossip Gurl – $33 from Sephora

This is one of those products that doesn’t match the colour swatch online. When I bought it, I thought Venus looked perfect for me but it was just another nude so I thought I’d go for the dusty pink nude. There are no descriptions of the actual shades on Sephora so going off the little swatch, I went ahead and paid $68 for the lip liner and liquid lipstick.facetune_04-02-2018-08-29-13

When I received the package though and opened it up, I knew straight away, even through the frosted glass, that this was an actual pink. I tried it once on my lips and it just doesn’t suit me at all which is a shame because I have heard its a great formula. After I had bought this and realised my mistake, I jumped onto the site and it does have a much better indication of the colour selection. Lesson learnt.

facetune_04-02-2018-08-59-17Nyx Eyebrow Marker in Medium – $15.95 from Priceline

The two shades in this range, medium and deep,  probably should’ve warned me that the likelihood of one of them matching me perfecting was slim but I use a medium to dark shade in the ABH so I thought I’d play it safe and go with the medium. Personally, I think its a light to medium shade so would probably suit lighter brow shades, however, in mine, it barely showed up without going over it a few times.


However, what really disappointed me about this product was the fact it bleeds. You can see faintly that it is bleeding on my wrist here. That is one thing I don’t want in an eyebrow product. I must say that this is the only felt tip eyebrow marker I’ve tried so I don’t know if there’s a trick to it or not. I’ll stick to the powders, gel creams and crayons for my brows though. This product is  going into the giveaway basket.

facetune_04-02-2018-09-11-56Marc Jacobs Under(Cover) Perfecting Coconut Eye Primer – $37 from Sephora

This is a product that isn’t bad but it isn’t spectacular either so its just not worth the price tag, when its compared to other projects in the price range. I’ve been using the Lorac eye primer that I received free with one of the palettes as well as the MAC sample one that I received free with a purchase and even though they both cost around the same, would be in my opinion better options to spend my money on. The Lorac primer is a bit more difficult to get hold of in Australia and so I’ll repurchase the MAC one when it runs out.

facetune_04-02-2018-09-36-19RCMA No Colour Powder – $27 from Adore Beauty

This product falls under the inconvenient packaging tag. The actual product is very good to be honest, and it does what it promises – it doesn’t alter the shade of foundation, gives me a flawless finish and no flashback. However, the packaging is so messy that I just don’t reach for it. There is no way of dispensing this product easily without transferring it into another dispenser completely. I originally planned to finish up one of my banana powders and use that but it takes forever to use.

facetune_04-02-2018-09-36-30I then bought the Too Faced setting powder that I love and don’t get everywhere so this one will probably never get used now. Even taking this photo, I ended up spilling it everywhere (head shake).







Essence Shape Your Face Contouring Palette in Ready, Set, Peach – $8.20 from Cosmetics and Fragrance Direct

I probably can’t complain too much about this product given the price but its just not a contouring palette I’ll ever reach for. The contour shade is way too light for my skin and by the time I’ve layered it a couple of times, it looks patchy. The middle shade is supposed to be a highlighter but its a powdery matte vanilla shade. The diagram on the back shows it being used as a highlighter but on my skin, it doesn’t do that.


The peach shade is supposed to be the blush and actually looks quite nice as a blush if you like the shimmering peach shades like Too Faced’s Papa Don’t Peach. If you wanted a cheaper option, then this might be an option for you but I found it also looked quite nice as a highlighter because it is quite shimmery. However, I’ve got similar shades in my ABH glow kits that have a bit more of a wow factor that I love in highlighters so this palette is in my giveaway basket.

facetune_04-02-2018-10-13-27Too Faced Natural Love Eyeshadow Palette (no longer available from Mecca)

This palette was a limited edition so is no longer available at Mecca however, I thought I’d add it in anyway. Its not that I dislike this palette but I am disappointed with how hit and miss the pigmentation is in some of the shades and there isn’t enough mattes for such a large palette. Surely with 30 pans, there could’ve been a few more matte shades.


As much as there are some pretty shades and shimmers in this palette, I just don’t reach for it much so considering the price ($85), it is disappointing.







What have been some of your disappointing products?

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11 thoughts on “My Disappointing Products of 2017

    1. It’s not that I didn’t like it – I just feel that my MAC and Lorac ones perform better for the price range. It does stop creasing to a degree (the hydrating part of the Primer makes my eyelids ‘moist’) and makes my eye makeup last longer but I swear by MAC.

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  1. Ive always been skeptical of the brow markers! I just don’t get how theyd work. Also I heard the Marc Jacob coconut setting spray wasn’t that great either!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank God that u just say that the RCMA issue its only on its packaging, the rest is awesome. I plan to buy it coz I never use any setting powder, even now I easily get confuse on powder type. 😐

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