My Evening Skincare Routine

Hello beautiful ladies,

My last post was on my morning skincare routine which went into a bit of detail into my skin journey, so I won’t repeat it all today, however, if you missed it, read about it here.

I also use some of the same products morning and night, so again, if I do, I won’t go into the review here as well but you can click the link above if you’re interested.

My evening skincare products

My evening skincare routine always includes some sort of treatment product, however, I’m going to leave those products to a post of their own and only include the products I use every evening. I’m including my whole makeup cleansing routine because most days I do wear some makeup, however, I don’t do the first two steps if I haven’t worn makeup that day.


Evening makeup remover

I always take off my eye makeup with these remover before I even attempt my first cleanse even though I don’t often use waterproof products. If I skip this step I find the double cleanse hasn’t removed all my mascara and I have panda eyes. This one is so gentle and I don’t have to scrub to get it off. I use this makeup remover because its so affordable, gentle on my eyes and suitable for all skin types. I also use this on any matte liquid lipstick I may still have on my lips.


Evening first cleanse

The first cleanse in the Korean skincare routine is an oil cleanser to remove any last traces of makeup. This cleanser is applied to a dry face first then emulsified in warm water before rinsing off. I’ve heard so much about other great oil cleansers but I really like how this one isn’t strongly scented, removes those last traces of makeup and doesn’t leave my skin dry. I’ve had this bottle for close to 12 months and I use it most days so it is well worth the price.


  • DERMA-E Firming DMAE Cleanser 175ml
  • RRP – $19.99 from Priceline or $19.95 from
Evening second cleanse

I use this cleanser in the morning as well so if you’d like to read the review, the link is above. The second cleanse in the Korean routine should be a water based cleanser that removes any remaining traces of the oil cleanse.


Evening toner

This is the one product out of both my routines that I won’t be repurchasing. I’ve even thought of tipping the remaining product out so I can start a new bottle but…..I won’t. I honestly don’t think it does anything with my skin except maybe balances the pH level. It does come in a very handle pump bottle that you push down at the top with your makeup pad and it dispenses the product onto it without tipping it up and wasting it. However, the Koreans prefer to pat toners on with their fingers and from using that method with my essence, I can see why. I have bought the Klairs Supple Preparation Toner which was recommended by another beauty blogger to use when I finish this bottle.

Side note: The Koreans also prefer to call toners, freshners or skin softners, so if you see that on a Korean product, that’s what they are.


  • MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence 150ml
  • RRP – $61.90 from
Evening essence

I’ve written a full review on this product which you can read about here.


First evening serum

There’s a full review of this product that you can read about here.

This step can include a number of products to target your skin concerns, but the general rule is to start with water-based products first and the thinnest consistency first. I use this serum under my eyes and on my forehead lines.

Second evening serum

This is another product I’ve written a full review about that you can read here.

I won’t go into too much detail with this one because I’ve written so much about it before but I have just opened my third bottle of this one.

Third evening serum/oil

When I decided to experiment with the Korean skincare routine, I realised pretty quickly that everything I had learnt in beauty therapy needed to be reassessed and I had to keep an open mind. There is a lot of mixed opinions about the order in which oils are applied. Traditionally, oils should be the last step in your skincare routine as they don’t penetrate as deep as water-based products. However, after reading a lot (and I mean a lot, because there was so much conflicting information out there) about the Korean method, I finally settled on placing the oil in this order.

This rose hip seed oil is thicker than the Huxley Secret of Sahara oil that I use in the morning though it does sink into my skin within an hour or so. I probably wouldn’t recommend it in the morning though if you plan to wear makeup.

I also avoid my eye area with the oil if I haven’t applied my eye cream yet. Some nights, I do apply the eye cream after I’ve applied ‘Buffet’ and then apply the oil under my eyes and over the cream for extra hydration.




  • ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix 15ml
  • RRP – $115 from
Evening eye cream

I’ve written about this product in my morning routine so if you’d like to read that, the link is in the introduction.


Evening sleeping mask

I don’t know what I did without sleeping masks. I’ve used a variety of different sleeping masks but this one has been my favourite so far. It has a strong orchid smell to it but after using quite a few products from this range, I’m used to it and quite like it, however, if strong scents are not for you, skip this one.

A night mask is usually used for intense hydration and anti-ageing benefits but still gentle enough on the skin that it doesn’t require rinsing off. By the time I’ve reached this step in my routine, my face does look a bit shiny but not as heavy as you’d think with this many products.

It takes about an hour for all these products to sink into my skin but by the time I’m brushing my teeth, my skin just looks like I have a healthy glow. Every morning, I feel like my skin is well moisturised and there hasn’t been a hint of dry areas even through winter.


Thank you all again if you’ve made it this far as it is another long post. The treatment products I also use in my skincare routine is coming soon.

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21 thoughts on “My Evening Skincare Routine

    1. An essence acts like an extra layer of hydration to support the benefits of serums and moisturisers. It has a thin, watery consistency that I find works best when I pat it into my skin. While an essence can be used for all skin types, the serums and moisturisers are for targeted individual skin concerns. I hope that helps 🙏


    1. I do have the eye cream on my list after I finish the Estée Lauder one. I’ve been impressed with the Orchid and Green Tea range from Innisfree so much. Thank you for reading my post 🙌

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love skincare as I have problematic skin and recently it’s been a mess! I’ve tried so many products but nothing has worked for me! Your skin looks beautiful and I will be adding a few steps to my skincare routine. I don’t usually use serums but I will be trying that out and I usually cleanse my face only once.

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    1. I used to have so many issues with my skin too. I never felt comfortable with it but I would recommend going to a reputable beauty therapist who can identify your issues and recommend solutions. Cleansing in the morning removes products and dead skin from the previous night so I always start my routine with clean skin, preventing blogged Pores. Thank you for reading my post 😊


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