My Morning Skincare Routine

Hello beautiful ladies,

I’ve had so much makeup to review because of my break over the uni semester that I haven’t written a lot about skincare which is my passion, so I’ve decided to share my skincare routine, broken down into AM, PM and targeted treatments.

It takes a lot longer to review skincare though because of skin cell turnover which can take between 28-40 days and progressively slows as we age. For the first time in my adult life, I’m happy with the condition of my skin and its taken a lot of years and a lot of products to arrive at this stage.

I started using the Korean 12-step skincare routine about 15 months ago but have switched products in and out as I’ve used them or decided I didn’t like them. The products I’m writing about today in my morning routine have been used every day for over 2 months (the cleanser has been in my routine for 6 six weeks).

My morning skincare products

I’ll just give you a little bit of background on my skin as well to compare whether any of these products would be unsuitable or suitable for you. I started the basic routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising when I was a tween (about 11 or 12) and had a few pimples constantly somewhere on my face. I never actually suffered from acne though. As I aged, I would swap products in that I thought suited my skin type and added an eye cream.

I was always reading and learning about skincare from my endless subscriptions to beauty magazines throughout my 20’s which was why I started using anti-aging products at about 23 or 24. There was days where I thought I had pretty good skin and others where I’d break out for no reason and then, I’d get hormonal blemishes as well. Then, I’d get dry patches, an oily T-zone and milia which had to be extracted by a beauty therapist. I felt like I was constantly battling my skin.

I studied beauty therapy at 30 and from then on, I have been hooked on acquiring as much knowledge as I can about skincare. Last year, I discovered and studied the Korean skincare routine which has made my routine time consuming but has also achieved some amazing results.

Of course, it didn’t happen all at once and I’ve had to trial and error some products as well (mostly cleansers) but for the first time in my adult life, I’m truly happy with my skin. It’s not temperamental dry/oily/combination, I haven’t had a breakout for months and my skin sensitivity redness has all but disappeared.

So, here is my morning routine that I follow diligently every day without fail.


  • DERMA-E Firming DMAE Cleanser 175ml
  • RRP – $19.99 from Priceline or $19.95 from
Morning cleanser

This cleanser has been the closest to my holy grail a cleanser has ever been (the Lush Angel’s On Bare Skin was close too but I really don’t like the tub). It comes in a pump pack that instead of pushing down and turning if you want to close it (and wastes so much product), just twists and closes. It is convenient in the shower, makes my skin feel clean in the morning without drying it out and is a cruelty free, eco-ethical brand. I use it twice a day and one pump is all I need each time.

The cleanser is a clear gel-like formula that doesn’t soap up a lot and is very gentle to my skin with no skin sensitivity redness afterwards. There is only a slight scent which is a little on the floral side but nothing that bothers me (if you read my empties last month, you’ll know scents can make a product a no-go).

This is my first Derma-E product but I am interested in the brand and trying a few more products that might fit into my routine.


Morning toner

I use this toner in the morning because I use products that contain AHA’s at night so I use a different toner at night. As with any product with AHA’s (alpha-hydroxyl acids) or BHA (beta hydroxyl acid), always use sunscreen because it can cause increased sun sensitivity. I’m going to go into more detail with what AHA’s and BHA’s do in my treatment post.

I bought this toner to target my dry and irritated skin but it also targets oily shine, enlarged pores, blackheads and acne. It has a moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect on my problem areas but I’ve also noticed I don’t get an oily shine or breakouts anymore either.

I have already bought the Pixi Glow Tonic which is another toner that contains AHA’s which I’ll use after I finish this one and decide which one I prefer. I would recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin though.


  • MISSHA Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence 150ml
  • RRP – $61.90 from
Morning essence

I’ve reviewed this product before (read about it here) so I won’t go into too much detail but it is a staple. It is quite pricey but if you compare it to SK-II’s 75ml for $100, then this is a steal.

It does say on the website to use a cotton pad for applying essences, however, I’ve since read a lot about these essences in reviews and I now use my fingers to pat it in which seems to use less product and absorbs into my skin faster. This is my third bottle and I have no intention of changing this product out to try a new essence.


Morning serum

There are quite a few stockists of The Ordinary with Priceline now stocking it as well for those in Australia. I also won’t go into too much detail with this serum as I’ve already written an in depth one (read about it here).

This is my second bottle of this serum and I’m extremely happy with the results and the price.


Morning moisturising lotion

I’ve used quite a few products from Innisfree and there is only one that I disliked so I generally just order enough to get free shipping ($60USD). They ship worldwide but there are a few Australian stockists if you’d prefer (

This is a watery light lotion which I prefer during the day, especially in summer but what really made this lotion amazing was the Huxley oil I started mixing it with each morning. The two products slightly mixed together sink in quickly while leaving my face moisturised all day without that horrible greasy feeling that so many day creams leave.

When I first bought this lotion, it was summer (last year) and I hate the feeling of heavy ‘day’ creams that sit on top of my skin. They’re a nightmare to apply makeup over and if I don’t wear makeup, I looked like a grease ball. So, in steps this lotion which I liked but as it cooled off, my skin wanted something more. I tried to layer another brand of oil but I wasn’t happy with the makeup application. I then bought the Huxley Secret of Sahara and found it ‘lighter’ on my skin but still a little greasy looking.

I can’t remember what made me think to mix an oil with a lotion (I mean, that’s not supposed to work, right?) but I did and the results have been amazing. I no longer look like a greaseball in summer but my skin is also well moisturised. This bottle is nearly finished and I do have another lotion I want to use up but I made an Innisfree order on Friday with the Black Friday sales that has a bottle of this in it just in case I dislike the other lotion.


Morning oil

I know this sounds a little bit pricey for 30ml but I’ve used about 1/3 of the bottle and I use it every day. I’ve had it about 6 months so its going to last a long time. I add about 3 drops to my lotion above each morning and I have moisturised but not oily or greasy skin all day. It is well worth the initial outlay if you have any of the same issues I’ve mentioned above.


  • ESTEE LAUDER Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix 15ml
  • RRP – $115 from
Morning eye serum

I’ve used the Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream and Serum before and I love the results so when I saw this one, I had to try it. Its expensive……in fact it’s the most expensive part of my skincare routine and yet, I will always have at least one of the Estee Lauder eye creams in my routine. Why? My biggest concern is the fine lines under my eyes. I’ve used so many eye creams in the past that promised to target fine lines or dark circles and not many can really say they actually deliver.

Last year, when I finally bought the Eye Serum, I was hooked. With a newborn and sleep being a luxury, I didn’t suffer dark circles, even though I felt they should be down to my jawline. I then added the cream over the serum in winter for added hydration as the skin under the eyes is so thin.

I bought the Eye Concentrate Matrix when those two were nearly empty to replace them. This one is probably going to be the product that stays in my routine with the eye cream added in winter, although I really loved the serum as well for its lighter texture.


  • NEUTROGENA Ultra Sheer Face Sunscreen 88ml
  • RRP – $16.99 from chemists and supermarkets
Morning sunscreen

I pick this up at half price quite often at Woolworths supermarkets or Priceline so I always have a backup or two. This is the most important step in my morning routine, not only because I use products containing AHA’s which make my skin more susceptible to sun damage but because the sun causes more ageing than any other factor. My skin colour is a type III on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Even though I’m super diligent with my sunscreen and I try not to go outside during the hottest part of the day, I’ll still notice I tan up in summer which means sun damage. One day last summer, I applied sunscreen every hour while at the beach and I still ended up sunburnt. Our Australian sun is so punishing to our skin that I can imagine how bad my sunburn could’ve been if I hadn’t applied it at all.

This particular face sunscreen from Neutrogena doesn;t leave a greasy or shiny residue or affect how my makeup looks over the top so its been my go to face sunscreen for a while now.


This was a really long post so if you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read it. I’m going to do a night routine post which will be up on Wednesday for you as well.

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Until next time,

Nyobie xx





11 thoughts on “My Morning Skincare Routine

  1. I must say your morning routine is a bit more detailed than mine 😅 I’m always rushing, so it’s gotta be fast. I just cleanse, moiaturize and then sunscreen. I’m so happy I found our about Korean skincare, most products have impressed and I can always notice a difference 🙌🏽 I’m looking forward to read your nighttime routine ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I need two hours just for me to be ready in the morning so with a toddler as well, I need three. Basically, if I need to be somewhere at 8, I’ll be up at 4.30am. Just as well I’m a morning person though 😂 Korean skincare has been amazing for my skin 🙌


    1. Estée Lauder is expensive and I’m always aware of that before I recommend a product but all three of their ANR eye creams are amazing. There has been no other product that comes close to it that I’ve tried (a lot).


    1. Every time I go to Priceline, I check to see if it’s on special so I can stock up. I figure there’s no point paying full price if I don’t have to 😀 Thank you for reading 😘


  2. Neutrogena’s sunscreen is my holy grail. I usually break out with other brands but this one not a single thing. Also, I’d be meaning to try The Ordinary Buffet after I finished with my other The Ordinary skincare. Thanks for this post 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your makeup routine really makes me want to spend some money on skincare products because I have literally 1 skin care product. You have a good routine going though! By the way I subscribed and my instagram user is @glimmeringhowell for the giveaway.😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I spend a lot of time on skincare so I don’t need to use as much makeup but then, I’ve got friends who use a basic skincare routine and their skin looks okay too. I’ve added your entry and good luck.


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