July Empties 2017

Hello beautiful ladies,

I wrote in an earlier post that I was changing the days I post to Sunday’s and Wednesday’s because of my current Uni semester classes coinciding with Tuesday’s and Friday’s, however, after attending my first tutorial, I have realised that this semester is going to be quite intense with the study load I’m going to have so I’m going to make Sunday’s my posting days for the next 14 weeks and then I’ll revert back to twice weekly.

I do apologise for being so up and down but I would rather release 1 strong blog post than 2 half hearted ones because I’m rushed for time.


So, after that long update, I’ll get straight into last month’s empties.

  • THANKYOU Botanical Geranium and Rosewood Body Wash 500ml
  • RRP – $7.99 from pharmacies and Coles

I actually bought this shower gel after reading a blog post about what the company is trying to achieve.

‘Thankyou is a social enterprise that exists 100% to fund life-changing projects. This bottle helps provide access to hygiene and sanitation programs for someone in need. We’ll even show you how – Track Your Impact to see the exact project your product is assigned to fund by entering your Tracker ID at thankyou.co.’

That is the explanation on the bottle but if you’d like to know more, head to the website. It is the most rewarding feeling to know that you are helping someone in need through simple items like a shower gel.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Geranium but I ended up enjoying the scent. It is quite strong so if you’re not a fan of strong scents, this isn’t for you. However, for the price, the size of the bottle and because of the companies’ values, I will be repurchasing. Just as side note, its made in Australia, vegan friendly and not tested on animals.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, without a doubt.


My fiancé and I have both enjoyed using this toner after the not so great Estee Lauder one. It doesn’t smell like alcohol, though because I can’t read the ingredient list, it could still have it in the product. This product also lasted such a long time because its a little thicker than the usual watery toners so it doesn’t spill out on your makeup pad. I bought another K Beauty toner which we are using now but we’ve both agreed, we prefer this one.
I just want to add with this product too, that it does look like a small bottle for the price, but we both used this every day (I used it twice a day) for nearly 2 months. You don’t need to soak your makeup pad and it doesn’t spill everywhere like others do.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, we both love it.


I liked this cleanser – it is a solid balm that becomes an oil on your skin and it dissolved my makeup and left me with skin that didn’t feel stripped or tight. The thing I don’t like about cleansers is the jars. This one had a spatula attached to the top of the product protector at least.

This cleanser would rate up with the Lush Angels in Bare Skin cleanser and both have jars which is the only downfall but a big one for me. Having said that though, there is no other way for either of these cleansers to be packaged so I will persevere with the spatulas.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, it worked beautifully in winter on my usually dry skin.


I suffer from horrible dry skin in winter and I’ve used so many products to try to combat that on my face (who wants blotchy foundation?) with some luck over the years but it wasn’t until I started using this product at night that I have noticed I do not have snakeskin this winter. It is a jar (another spatula product) and the scent is slightly stronger than I like but its not a perfumey scent, rather a fresh scent and I’d conclude it comes from the green tea as its the same in the serum.

The postage from Innisfree isn’t exactly cheap but I made an order recently while they were having a sale and saved more than the cost of the postage. I have quite a lot of products from Innisfree and I’ve enjoyed most of them (some of the sheet masks are not to my liking). They have a huge range so have a look if you are interested in K beauty.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, I ordered back up a while ago plus another deep cream I’m currently trialling.


  • HASK Charcoal Purifying Deep Conditioner
  • RRP – $4.99 from Priceline

I tend to find that my hair often has the problem of having build up of products which I use my De Lorenzo cleanser once a week for but sometimes, I just feel its not enough and my hair looks limp. I bought this because I was intrigued by the clarifying yet softening promises.

The conditioner itself was slightly grainy which washed out with no trace. I have dark hair so it didn’t affect me but it did cross my mind that if I had light blonde, would it stain it or make it look a little dull in colour? Overall though, for me, it achieved what I wanted – that extra clarifying while keeping my hair super soft. It also lasted 3 uses because there is a decent amount of product in the sachet.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, and I’d use it when I needed it.


  • ESSENZZA Anti-Ageing + Antioxidant Natural Silk Facial Mask
  • RRP – $4.95 from Malouf Group (pharmacy)

I came across this mask while waiting for a script and was intrigued with the three layers. Curiosity, I know, killed the cat. Anyway, I thought I should try out this Japanese brand because I’ve been so infatuated with Korean brands, I thought I needed tolook outside the box.

First of all, you have to peel away the white layer before you apply the other two layers to your face. The blue layer is then peeled away as well. Once I’d peeled the blue layer away, the silk mask fitted like a glove to my face. It would be one of the best fitting masks I’ve come across.

However, peeling that blue layer away, I ended up with serum in my eyes and then in my mouth and then, I thought if I take it off to wash it out, I’ll never get it back on and I wouldn’t know if I liked it or not. So, I put up with it for 30 minutes, which I’m glad I did because my skin looked A-MAZ-ING. It just looked like a had a lit from within glow and my skin felt soft and plump.

The amusing part of my battle with the layers is that on the front it states ‘less messy than a traditional face mask’. Um, no, its not.

  • Repurchase? – Yes – I just need to practise my technique with applying it.

So, that is my empties post for this month. Thank you so much for reading it.

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6 thoughts on “July Empties 2017

    1. I didn’t actually use it as a makeup remover as such – I always use a water based solution first but I’ll try that out next time. Thank you for reading 😊


  1. I realized that Hask was a cruelty free brand, so I decided to try out their dry shampoo. I was eyeing the charcoal mask in the store when I picked it up. Now that I’ve seen your review, I may go check it out! 🙂 Fun post! It’s oddly entertaining to see what people have used up during the month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m addicted to reading what other people use up because I know myself, if a product is not above average, I move on to the next one. It’s a challenge to actually fully use a product and then the review is more honest too. Thank you for reading 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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