June Empties 2017

Hello beautiful ladies,

I didn’t have a lot of empties this month which I’m a bit surprised about – I thought I would have more after not having a lot last month. I’m going to be hit with a big month of empties coming up no doubt.


I have been trying to use up my samples that seem to be absolutely everywhere at the moment and I can’t get through them before more turn up with new orders. Any tips for motivating you on using them, I’d love to hear about it.

So, here we go with this month’s empties:

  • ESTEE LAUDER Perfectly Clean Multi-Action Toning Lotion/Refiner
  • RRP – $48.00

I fell in love with the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum last year and have since bought the Eye Cream and Serum as well, however, I thought I’d try a few other items as well when I purchased the Doublewear foundation. I honestly don’t think this toner though is worth the price tag. My total love affair with Estee has gone.

It has a distinct perfumed smell which I dislike in skincare anyway so straight away I put off but I persevered because it cost me so much. I didn’t notice anything special from this toner that cheaper versions don’t do with less smell. I have since switched to a Korean toner that I find has virtually no scent and about a third of the price.

  • Repurchase? – No, its too expensive for what it does.


  • SWISSE Micellar Makeup Remover 125ml
  • RRP – $6.99

In my nightly skincare routine, I always use a makeup remover, especially for my eye makeup and I’m not a fan of oil based ones that seem to sting my eyes. This one is gentle on my eyes and removes all my makeup.  I have an eye and lip remover I bought from Maybelline that I use just for removing arm swatches because I hated the way it stung my eyes.

I usually buy it from Priceline so whenever its on special, I pick one up so there’s always a spare and I never pay full price. Winning 🙂

  • Repurchase? – Yes, already using another one and will have backup as soon as its on special again.


  • BRITE ORGANIX Raspberry and Vanilla Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair
  • RRP – $9.99

I cannot say how much I love these hair masks from Brite – there’s quite a few different ones to choose from – coffee for stressed hair, mango for dry hair, tea tree and mint for strengthening hair, tropical pineapple for split ends, blackcurrant for blonde hair and coconut for coloured hair.

This raspberry and vanilla smells divine and it actually does help make my hair manageable. I am going to advise though that it needs to be thoroughly rinsed or you’ll have limp hair the next day and unless you really need to, don’t apply to your roots.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, I’m using the tropical pineapple one now.


  • GARNIER Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask Ultra Hydrating Rejuvenating Mask
  • RRP – $4.99

I picked these up on special so I thought I’d give them a go because I love my sheet masks so much. I’ve been using a lot of different ones from Korean brands and even though I’ve come across a few I’ve hated, most of the time, I love them so I wasn’t sure these would measure up as well.

There’s a plastic backing on the mask that annoyed me straight away but I persevered and after taking the backing off, the actual mask fit really well. It smells really fresh and after taking it off, my skin was very well moisturised and plumper. They surprised me to be honest. I’ve got a lot of sheet masks to use up and I have my favourites from them, but they are still a nice mask to use here and there.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, when they’re on special.


  • WISH FORMULA C200 Bubble Peeling Pad
  • RRP – $10.00 for 1 pad at nudieglow.com (click here to buy)

I’ve already written about this product last month, so if you want to read that, click here.

As you can tell, there’s not a lot of empties this month, so there may be quite a few coming up in the months to come. Thank you for reading 🙂

P.S. Please let me know in the comments how you use your sample products.

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