Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies,

I bought the Tarte Make Believe In Yourself palette in April for achieving one of my goals in March (read about it here). This reward system is making me think about what I really want and not just buying on a whim. I read a review on it by a much trusted Instafriend and Youtuber. I value her in depth reviews and complete honesty so when I read that she was in love with this palette, I knew I’d be buying it.

I must also credit Fitfabnglowy with making me buy the Metal Matte and Pastel Goth palettes.

Tarte always have amazing packaging and this palette is no different. The gold, the cover design, the clasp, the sturdiness and the quality is perfect. Then the smell of vanilla when you open it makes me breathe a little deeper.img_6557All my eyeshadow swatches are finger drawn once over my arm and only swirled once in the pan. By doing it this way, I’m showing the very minimum of what can be expected of the colours, instead of the very max after a lot of build up. I also use only natural light without a flash or editing.


img_6590From top to bottom:

Highlighter (in centre of palette): an icy white with a pinky-gold shift. It is an interesting highlighter and would suit a range of skin tones, though if you don’t like intense highlighters, I’d use it sparingly as it is very pigmented. I use it under my eyebrows. (It didn’t show up on my skin in the swatch).

Myth: This is the only matte shade in a pink/brown that to me, is a bit too sheer as it blends out too much. I would’ve preferred another shimmer shade instead of this one and used the Tartelette or Tartelette In Bloom palettes to complete an eye look.

Magic: This bronze/brown has intense pigmentation and looks so beautiful on my eyelid. It has a metallic finish but didn’t look over the top when I used it for the centre of a halo. This is my favourite shade in the palette.

Wings: A coppery brown with warm undertones that isn’t quite as pigmented as Magic but still has a lovely subtle metallic finish. This one rates as my second favourite.

Marvel: I will admit that this cooler toned gold didn’t show up on my skin as beautiful as it truly is. The soft metallic finish looks great on top of a slightly darker colour to make it ‘pop’.


img_6591From top to Bottom:

Trance: This one is a medium taupe metallic brown with cooler undertones.

Fairy: A light cool toned purple that isn’t as shimmery as some of the other colours or as pigmented.

Mystic: An icy blue/silver with amazing pigmentation and a lot of shimmer. If you love cooler tones, you’ll love this one.

Dream: More blue than Mystic in the pan but side by side, it looks similar with less shimmer. Not as pigmented though and could be used for a less intense look.

Crystal: This colour would be my idea of a perfect rose gold for eyes. Very pigmented and shimmery though it didn’t show up as well in the photo.

Pixie: I’d call this a peachy coral gold that my photo hasn’t done justice to. It is very pigmented, shimmery and such a versatile colour to use day or night. This would work well with the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette.img_6592

So, do you need this palette? To be honest, no. There’s some great metallic shades here but if I’m brutally honest, the Pro or the In bloom from Tarte are more complete options. This palette can’t stand on its own so you’ll always be reaching for another one to use with it. However, if you love, love, love shimmery metallic and want a range of colours, then this is the palette for you.

Thank you for reading.

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10 thoughts on “Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Eye & Cheek Palette Swatches

  1. I’ve never given this palette much thought because I am such a matte girl, but I’ve been embracing the shimmers lately so this is actually appealing to me (also I’ve only just tried Tarte and I am obsessed). Great review and swatches!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am Tarte obsessed and have bought most of their palettes from the last 12 months. I love shimmers and metallics and it’s Tarte so that’s why it’s in my collection. However, I’m swatching the Pro palette next week which I think is better value over all. Thank you for reading 😊


  2. Oh wow, Nyobie!! What a sweet surprise to have you mention me in your SO thorough review of this palette! I do hope you love the other KVD palettes! Lol! Yes, this beauty is definitely a companion palette for sure! I even mentioned it in my video referencing palettes you could use it with including that lovely Pro palette. Can’t wait to see your review on that one. I agree the Pro definitely has great value and will appeal to more. Whilst the Make Believe is probably for the adventurous types and weekend warriors. 😉💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And die hard Palette collectors 😂 your reviews are a lot more thorough than mine though. I try to let the swatches do the talking for Eyeshadow/ lipstick reviews and concentrate on more thorough reviews on skincare. I do love watching your reviews though 🙌 and your opinion has sold me so many palettes 🤗

      I love the Metal Matte (I’ve had it longer to test though) but I’m yet to try the Pastel Goth. I absolutely love the Pro for so many reasons 😍


    1. Thank you lovely 😊 I’m a sucker for anything Tarte but I admit, it’s not an ideal palette for everyone to use but it’s gorgeous to look at and makes beautiful photos 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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