MAC x Mariah Carey Lipstick and Gloss Swatches

Hello beautiful ladies,

I received 2 lip glosses and 1 lipstick from the raved about collaboration from MAC and Mariah Carey for Christmas last year (read about it here) and thought I’d do a swatch on review on them finally. I loved doing the swatches for the Kat Von D post (read about it here) so I thought I’d try to do one swatch post a week when I can fit it into my post schedule.img_5982

I am the first to admit that the embossing and the packaging of this lipstick is THE prettiest in my collection. If you can think of a lipstick you have that is prettier, I need it so please let me know.



Dahhlinggg! – skin tone nude in a cremesheen finish. As you can see, this colour is very subtle, almost matching my actual skin tone but it looks gorgeous on. Its a my-lip-colour-but-better lipstick but…….I don’t wear it often because I’m so worried about ruining this gorgeous lipstick.

By the time I realised how much I loved this colour, it had sold out in Australia and so, as much as I love it, I use it only on special occasions.




I don’t remember why I ended up with two glosses when I’m not much of a fan of glosses anyway. Why I didn’t just get three lipsticks, I’ll never know.


From top to bottom:

It’s Just Like Honey: a peach nude with fine shimmery glitter through it.

Butterfly Bling: a gold nude with a lot of fine shimmery glitter through it.

If I’m extremely honest with you, and please if you have these and love them, that’s fine as this is only my opinion, but I hate the way these feel on my lips. They are so sticky, it feels like glue that won’t dry on them. They also don’t look good on their own, (these swatches are quite thick but I couldn’t handle them that thick on my lips) but as a lipstick topper, the gloss doesn’t enhance the colour at all. I used the Kat Von D Bow ‘n Arrow under Butterfly Bling and in my mind, I should’ve had a slight shimmery dark nude. Oh no, the shimmery glitter didn’t apply evenly and the more I tried to even it out on my lips, the more it started to take the matte lipstick off. Absolute mess. But they do look pretty in photographs….

Did you pick up anything from this collection and what are your thoughts?

Until next time,





5 thoughts on “MAC x Mariah Carey Lipstick and Gloss Swatches

  1. It looks sooo pretty tho!! I have one too, it’s the lipstick in All I want and it’s so pretty😍. But tbh I must have bought it just for the packaging, I knew I wouldnt wear the lipgloss so I didn’t get it, but I did the lipstick and from time to time I like to use it as a lip topper too. Loved reading your honest oppinion, I felt I was the only one feeling this way 😘

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    1. You are definitely not the only one but after the massive publicity and love of this collaboration, I was probably expecting more. I don’t want to use the lipstick too much just because of that gorgeous butterfly though 😍😍

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