The Beginning Of A New Chapter

Hello beautiful ladies,

You can probably tell from the heading that this isn’t going to be my usual post about anything beauty related but I am excited to share a new chapter in my life with you all.

Yesterday, I attended my first class at Uni as a Bachelor of Nursing Science student. I have enrolled part time at the moment because I am still working and I’ve got a 10 month old baby so I didn’t want to over extend myself and quit. By doing this course part time, it will take me 6 years, however, the option is there to increase to full time if I feel I can handle it and finish sooner.


I completed my Diploma in Beauty Therapy in 2014, with the intention of going into Cosmetic Nursing. However, with a pregnancy and a baby, that was put on hold until now.

So, how am I supposed to work part time, study part time, care for a baby, write for my blog and post to Instagram? By being extremely organised and motivated. I started on Instagram last year to fill in time while I was on maternity leave, then started the blog as an extension because I wanted to write more than I feel Instagram is made for. It was around that time, I applied for this course and found out I was accepted about a month afterwards, so I knew I’d be extremely busy.

With those 3 months, I decided to concentrate on Instagram and my blog and try to get a routine happening where I could take photos and store posts in advance as well as store blog posts as I was writing them.


I have now worked out a weekly planner for study, classes, work, Instagram and my blog and I’ll be doing drafts of blog posts as I think of them, writing ideas for photos and posts down. In saying all that, I will now post every Tuesday around 12pm and every Friday around 5pm. I was a little haphazard before about days and times but I figure if I keep deadlines, I will stick to those.

Another Achievement

I also would like to thank you all for liking, commenting and following my blog as I have now reached 100 followers. I also reached 2k followers on Instagram as well. I am so grateful for all the support and friendships that I have made and continue to make through these two social media platforms.

I won’t post a lot about my studies as I feel its straying from my page but I thought I’d really like to share my new chapter and two big achievements to me with you all.

Do you have any new adventures or challenges this year? Or even some achievements you’re proud of? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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Until next time,






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