January Empties 2017

Hello beautiful ladies,

Well, this post has been postponed a few times with the Blogger Awards and then with the Sweet Peach Haul posts. However, I figured the empties weren’t going anywhere so they could hold off a few more days. I really didn’t have a lot of empties this month apart from a lot of sheet masks which I’m now using twice a week. I have started a new skincare routine incorporating the 10-step Korean routine. I have used a lot of the Korean brands to try this out and I will be doing a blog post about it next month.


  • LUX Evenly Gorgeous Exfoliating Body Wash
  • RRP – $5.99

As you can probably tell from my empties posts, I use a lot of shower gel. I love a nice smelling shower gel to fill the shower stall. This one has shea butter in it which makes it a bit more moisturising than the Tahitian Escape from last month, although the exfoliation is very mild so I still use an exfoliation product once a week. The scent isn’t strong which for me, means its not my favourite but if you prefer slightly scented shower gels, this is for you.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, I’ve repurchased this one a few times when its on special.


  • PANTENE Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Repair & Protect
  • RRP – $6.99

Pantene has had a bad reputation because the formula uses silicon to coat the hair, which for most of us, ends up looking greasy after a few days and less if you straighten it. However, this new formula creates a protective layer to reduce friction between individual hair fibres which helps to prevent tangling. In summer, because I am sweating more, I wash my hair more (who wants smelly hair) and therefore it becomes drier and tangles  easily. This conditioner actually prevented that.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, although I probably won’t use it as much in the winter when I like my hair straight.


  • NUTRIMETICS Nutri-Rich Hair Nourish+ Shampoo & Conditioner (sample sized)
  • RRP – $22.00 250ml each

I received these as a sample in a brochure, however, I only got two uses out of them and couldn’t really tell if it made any difference to my hair. The scent of the products is pleasant but strong though.

  • Repurchase? – No, I don’t think for the price, I’d be willing to buy the full sized when I love DeLorenzo which is the pricier option for me.



I’ll just add in here that all these masks are Korean brands and therefore sometimes, don’t have a lot of information about them on the packs themselves, so make sure you read the description on the website you order from. I use www.topkmall.com.au (click here to visit site) because it’s based in Australia so delivery is within 5 days and I receive emails notifying me of discounts (all my orders have been with 30% off).

  • TONY MOLY I’m Real Pomegranate Mask Sheet Elasticity
  • RRP – $11.90 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

On the packet for this mask, it has the ingredients, directions (Tear open and apply to face. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then remove) and the statement ‘Pomegranate masks firms up skin’. Not much to go on there.

The website however states : ‘Regain your younger skin with Tony Moly’s Pomegranate mask which is packed with powerful Anti-aging Pomegranate extract! It amazingly boosts your collagen, increase elasticity of your skin and soften the skin. It provides nutritions that are required for dry, wrinkled and Anti-age your skin for a youthful glow.’

I promise that is not my grammar – I wrote it word for word. First of all, it probably wasn’t meant for my skin, though I do use some anti-aging products. Second, the mask fit wasn’t very good at all – in fact, its one of the worst fit sheet masks I’ve come across. Third, it didn’t do anything at all – not even a glow. Fourth, I have 3 more to use because they come in packs of 5. The upside is, it smells amazing.

  • Repurchase? – No


  • TONY MOLY Pureness 100 Snail Mask Sheet
  • RRP – $11.90 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

On the packet of this mask, it also has the ingredients, directions (same as above) and the statement ‘This gentle masks prevents skin damage’.

The website states : ‘Delivers deep nutrition to the skin. Repairs and replenishes stressed and damaged skin. Also soothes the skin and makes the skin naturally glowing. Free from Paraben, Talc, Benzophenone and Triethanolamine and gentle on sensitive skin.’

The sheet of this mask is cotton and feels and fits much better on my skin. The clear, watery serum doesn’t have a strong scent of anything offensive though it smells ‘fresh’. I’ve been having some trouble with my skin so that’s why I chose this one that night and I must say, the next morning, I definitely noticed a difference. My skin looked calmer, less red and nourished.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, and a few from this range as well.





  • NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Mask Sheet Avocado
  • RRP – $10.90 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

The packets of the Nature Republic masks has the ingredients, cautions, how to use in 3 steps and the statement ‘Avocado extract fills dehydrated skin with ample moisture.’

The website states ‘Contains generous amount of Real Avocado essence, this super moisturising and nutritious mask enables your dehydrated skin looking healthier, softer and smoother.’

The essence in this mask is a milky white watery serum that has a faint ‘fresh’ smell. I think I’m addicted to this freshness. The sheet itself wasn’t a great fit but it also wasn’t the worse. The next morning, my skin looked amazing – as in, plump, moisturised, supple, soft and clear.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, I love it so much.


  • NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Mask Sheet Shea Butter
  • RRP – $10.90 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

The statement on this one is ‘Shea butter nourishes the skin with a luminous glow.’

The website states ‘Made from African Shea Butter that gives instant moisture supply to your skin. It also firms and delivers nutrition deep into the skin. Gentle on sensitive skin and is free from 7 additives – Mineral Oil, Silicon Oil, Sulfated surfactant acids, Triethanolamine, Animal-derived ingredient, Benzyl Alcohol and Imidazolidinyl.’

This mask has a thick milky white serum that smells of shea (if you have used The Body Shop Shea line, you’ll know its not too strong) however, it is a little stronger on the face until you get used to it. If you don’t like scented products on your face, I’d skip this mask. This mask was actually my favourite this month, just ahead of the avocado because I felt the results lasted longer (two days longer than usual).

  • Repurchase? – Yes, in bulk.


  • NATURE REPUBLIC Real Nature Mask Sheet Green Tea
  • RRP – $10.90 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

The statement on this one is ‘Green tea extract deeply moisturizes and helps the skin stay moisturised.’

The website states ‘Green tea offers deep hydration and nutrition to your skin. It also delivers brightening and lifting effects that creates moistful and youthful skin.’

This one has a lightly scented ‘fresh’ scent (its probably the nicest scented of all of them). Again though, if you don’t like scented face products, this is not for you. I don’t think it deeply moisturises like the shea butter mask but my skin definitely felt nourishes and looked radiant. As far as results go, Nature Republic are my top brand so far.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, I love the smell of green tea and the results were good.


  • LEADERS Clinic Step Solution Wrinkle Off Velvet Mask
  • RRP – $18.80 for 5 (www.topkmall.com.au)

This brand has no directions or ingredient listings in English. The only English text is the name of the mask and the symptoms ticked on the front for wrinkles, dry skin, elasticity decline and lack of nutrition.

The website states ‘Perfect mask sheet for the tired and stressed skin that is lacking moisture and elasticity. Made of natural Non-woven and Seaweed Gel, it provides abundant moisture to the skin and helps become moistful and younger. It actively promotes firmness of the skin while delivering nutrition to create Baby-like skin again!’

Okay, first up, you cannot recreate baby-like skin. Its just not possible so the statement was a bit far-fetched. The actual mask sheet was the best fitting one out of all of them though. It hugged my face contours perfectly. The scent is faintly chemically but not over powering. The results though, were good but not as stated on the site (though in fairness, I don’t have wrinkles to smooth out either). My skin did feel well moisturised and there was no serum left to pat in after I took the mask off so it penetrated very well.

  • Repurchase? – Yes, though I won’t use it quite as much as the others.


If you’ve made it this far, I applaud you. I’m sorry these mini reviews are longer than usual but because these masks aren’t as well known as other brands, I really wanted to go into a bit more depth. I have a review coming up on some Korean skincare that I’ve been using for quite a while as well.

Until next time,





13 thoughts on “January Empties 2017

    1. It was quite daunting until I knew what step came where and it is time consuming 😳 There are a lot of varieties with these mask brands so I’m sure they will have something for your skin needs 🙌

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  1. Wow, so many masks. I do not use sheet masks a lot because I feel like I’m waisting product because after the application you have to throw them away. I love finished product posts! And I wait the article about your new skincare routine ❤


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