Kylie Cosmetics Haul

Hello beautiful ladies,

I will admit that my first order to Kylie Cosmetics was small – a lip kit in Exposed (which I absolutely love), the bronze eyeshadow palette (which I use but its not in my top 5) and the black Kyliner kit (which I haven’t used yet).

So, I’ve been super impressed with the lip kit but only really like the eyeshadow and haven’t even pulled the eyeliner kit out. Why then, would I buy The Holiday Collection Bundle?

I was expecting this collection to sell out fairly quickly and from the time it took me to go through checkout, I would presume most people thought the same. I have missed out on quite a few limited edition items because I wait for reviews or I just expect stock to be left after the initial rush. That, on top of the fact I wanted quite a bit of the collection, made me think it would be more suitable to just buy the lot.


I will admit that I’m most excited about Holiday Edition full sized matte liquid lipsticks in Angel and Blitzen and the glosses in Cupid and Noel. I’m also looking forward to trying the white eyeliner.


So, that brings me to the Black Friday haul as well. I picked up the Candy K, Dolce K, Brown Sugar and Moon Lip Kits as well as Exposed in the lip gloss, Heir and King K in the metal and the burgundy palette at 20% off.


I am most excited by the burgundy palette and the metal lipsticks though all the lip kits are in shades I’m likely to get a lot of use out of.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this range.

Until next time,





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