Hello beautiful ladies,

I’ve decided to make a new category with my hauls and my first impressions and/or reasons behind buying an item. If there is ever a specific product you would like reviewed, please feel free to comment and I’ll definitely post a review for you as there is no way I’d get around to posting reviews on every single product.

First of all, Beautylish is a US online store and unfortunately doesn’t translate its prices into AUD like some stores so I was sitting here adding items to my basket and working out the conversion rate just to make sure I wasn’t shocked when my basket was full and I’d already checked out.

Secondly, I ordered on the 19th and it arrived on the 23rd. That is super fast considering it was from the US to Australia. Express shipping (2-4 days) is free to Australia with an order of $100USD or over otherwise its free standard shipping (8-11 days) with orders of $50USD or over.

Thirdly, the items were all nicely wrapped in three separate bundles with plenty of padding. The inside of my box even had a sticker with who packed it! I love that personal touch.

So, what did I order and why?


  • WAYNE GOSS The Air Brush – $35USD   $47.47AUD

Why? I saw a video with this brush demonstrating how it creates a flawless appearance to your makeup and I was sold.

First Impressions This brush is like nothing in my collection and has the softest bristles of them all. I can’t wait to try this out as its my most expensive brush so far.

  • RCMA MAKEUP No Color Powder 3oz. – $12USD  $16.28AUD

Why? This powder has been featured in so many videos I’m possibly the last person to buy it and even then, I bought the smallest.

First Impressions The packaging is quite basic but if the product does what everyone has been saying, I’ll overlook that.


  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY Air Brush Flawless Finish – $45USD  $61.04AUD

Why? This was the powder Wayne Goss used in his video. Sold. It doesn’t take much.

First Impressions The packaging is a beautiful rose gold and just has that expensive air. (So it should too). High hopes for this one.

  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY Filmstar Bronze & Glow – $68USD  $92.24AUD

Why? I’ve seen this on Instagram and it just looks divine (and Wayne Goss used it).

First Impressions See above.

  • CHARLOTTE TILBURY K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Bitch Perfect – $32USD   $43.40AUD

Why? The name! And it’s a nude so I will use it.

First Impressions See above.


  • IT COSMETICS Naturally Pretty Vol. 2 – $42USD  $56.97AUD

Why? I bought Vol. 1 recently and couldn’t pass up Vol. 2 when it was available.

First Impressions The case is a velvet dusty pink which I can see getting stained but it does look beautiful. The colours compliment the first palette without doubling up. I could use these together to get a huge variety of looks.

  • IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Pores Silk HD Anti-Aging Micro Powder – $24USD  $32.55AUD

Why? I’ve had this on my wishlist at Sephora for so long, it just hangs around my wishlist like a bad smell so when I saw it, I grabbed it and saved $6.45 off the price at Sephora.

First Impressions The jar is quite small but it comes with a cute little puff.

  • IT COSMETICS Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer – $24USD  $32.55AUD

Why? I haven’t found my holy grail concealer so maybe this one?

First Impressions The packaging is a classy black and silver….that’s it.


I’ll be reviewing some of these in the near future but if there’s something specific you’d like to see reviewed, again, please feel free to comment and let me know.

Until next time,




17 thoughts on “ Haul

    1. This is my first haul from them but I’m so impressed with the timing on postage so I’ll be ordering again.
      The film star Palette has a lot of good reviews so I’ve got high hopes for it.
      Thank you for commenting 😊


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