My Christmas Wishlist

Hello beautiful ladies,

With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share my wishlist with you. My fiancé and I generally try to keep gifts for each other around the $300 mark which is plenty to get something you really want but isn’t going overboard. Last year, we decided to go on a weekend away together rather than a present because I was pregnant and it would be quite some time before we got the chance again to have that alone time.

Well, this year, we have extra presents to buy so there won’t be any major blowouts on our budget. So, here’s my wishlist:

  • Too Faced Chocolate Chip and White Chocolate Chip Palettes
  • (image is from Jerrod Blandino’s Instagram account)


The chocolate chip palette is similar in colours to the Chocolate Bar palette (which I don’t own) but this one is an all matte palette. I have similar palettes already so I can’t justify buying it outright so it goes onto my wish list.

The white chocolate chip palette is a mixture of shimmery browns and pinks and the shimmery black which I do have a similar one in the boudoir eyes palette. This one is a bit more interesting because I don’t really have anything to compare it too. However, because Christmas is around the corner and I really have to concentrate on buying presents for other people and not myself, this also has to go on my wishlist.


Now, hang on, why do I need this palette if I have the other two on my wishlist you might ask? Okay, I have an obsession with nude palettes, yes but the reason this makes it on is because the reviews I have read on this palette have been that this is THE palette to own (along with Modern Renaissance). It includes a range of finishes from matte to satin to metallic which does create a lot of versatility but limits you if you do use a lot of matte colours.


With strawberry, raspberry and pear in the top notes, and peony and datura as well as jasmine in the middle notes, I knew this would be divine. I always need to know what’s the top and middle notes before the base because those are the ones I can smell first. I’m not going to wear a perfume where I don’t like the top notes or the middle notes for that matter. The base notes are patchouli and vanilla. There are a lot more notes in all three categories but I’ve just mentioned the ones that attracted me. However, at $99 for 30ml, $158 for 50ml and $218 for 90ml, this isn’t cheap. Wishlist.


This is a limited edition palette. Enough said. Seriously though, each row is a look – a golden moment, red-carpet glamour, a modern smoky eye, daytime glamour and casual daytime. I love how they make different looks easy for you but then you can still play around if you want. Enough said now.

So, this is my wishlist. I could add so much more but these are at the top. I’d be happy with any of these wrapped up under the tree.

Until next time,




16 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist

    1. I’ve just managed to buy the Modern Renaissance yesterday when it came back in stock otherwise that was on that list too. I’ve heard so many people say it’s the best they have so it’s already on a pedestal. I just hope it lives up to it 😀


    1. I think if you like shimmer, it’s going to be great to play with – otherwise the chocolate chip is all Matte. I think though that I’d use the two together more often than not just because with only three Matte shades in the white choc chip, it limits the looks a bit. I’ve been seeing people guessing it’ll be around $50 AUD so very affordable too. Thanks for commenting 😊


    1. The Marc Jacobs Palette sold out on Sephora so hoping it comes back before Xmas. The Too Faced choc chip is exclusive to its website and doesn’t ship to Aus but I got my hands on the Mario Palette. That’s winning I think. 😍


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